Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coolest Bubble Recipes for HUGE Soap Bubbles

Have fun making your own bubble solution with these fun-to-experiment-with bubble recipes. Commercial solutions may be fine for general use, but a bunch of bubble-crazed kids trying to blow really big bubbles requires lots of solution which can get quite expensive.
Joy and Dawn (made in the USA) are considered the best detergents to use in the bubble solution. Ivory and Palmolive are also OK.
But climatic conditions vary and take a big effect, so you'll need to do a bit of experimenting with your bubble recipe a few days prior to the party.
The secret ingredient for sturdy, colorful bubbles is Glycerine (available at most pharmacies). Glycerine is a bit expensive, so you can try also experimenting with Karo Syrup (available at the grocery store).
Soft water is good for bubbles. Any water containing high levels of iron is bad for bubbles. To get the best mixture, try using distilled water. But first try it with the tap water at your house (and you may be one of those lucky people who have a built in bubble water faucet…)
Monster Bubble
Maya (my daughter) just about to pop a
Monster Bubble made with a clothes-hanger wand!
Gently stir the ingredients together (avoid making a lot of foam) and store in a sealed container overnight (the solution seems to get better with age).

Here are a few bubble solution recipes to get you started:

Recipe 1
Dawn Ultra or Joy Ultra - 1 part
Distilled Water - 15 parts
Glycerine or White Karo Syrup - 1/4 part

Recipe 2
Joy - 2/3 cup
Water - one gallon
Glycerine - three tablespoons

Recipe 3
Regular Dawn or Joy - 1 part
Distilled Water - 10 parts
Glycerine or White Karo Syrup - 1/4 parts


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